Kaori's "Geisha Coffee"
Geisha coffee!

At the coffee stand "Kaori" in Gotanda, Tokyo, you can taste "Geisha coffee" from Colombia. It's sour that I've never drank anywhere else, but it's kind of delicious.

Shop only at the sales counter

Kaori "Geisha Coffee"

The shop is just a short walk down the main street from Gotanda station to the east. It is close to Osaki station. It's a small shop with only a sales counter.

Kaori "Geisha Coffee"
Coffee and soft serve ice cream only menu

I was drawn to the name Geisha Coffee, which I don't often hear. It is native to Ethiopia in Africa, and is now being brought to Central and South America to make it. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Japanese "geisha".

When asked about the recommendations, people who drink for the first time say that "regular" is good. The climate is getting warmer, but it's easier to understand the flavor when it's hot, so I'll obediently follow it. The price is 432 yen (tax included, same below).

Regular is recommended

Kaori's "Geisha Coffee"
It's really sour. But easy to drink!

When I drank it immediately, I felt that the aroma was a little different from the blended coffee I usually drink. It is clean and smells like fruit. Above all, it has a very strong acidity. It may be the first time for such sour coffee. But strangely easy to drink. Maybe it doesn't have much bitterness, so it's very good.

Kaori "Geisha Coffee"

It is strange that the regular brewed Geisha coffee does not feel like it is leaning on the stomach even after drinking. It's as if I tried a drink different from coffee. But the aftertaste is coffee.

What is "Coffee Cherry"?

Kaori "Coffee Cherry"
Coffee cherry extract?

While receiving a little culture shock, when I looked inside the store, I found an extract of "coffee cherry". Coffee beans are the "seed" of coffee berries, but coffee cherries are derived from the "flesh" of the berries. It is said that "cascara" is sometimes drunk like tea, and sometimes it is made into an extract and used for sweets.

Kaori "Coffee Cherry Extract"
It seems to be made from the pulp of coffee

The shop also sold soft serve ice cream using coffee cherries. The price is 432 yen. When I tried it, it melted in my mouth, had a refreshing taste, and was not too sweet. The flavor of coffee cherry is a fruity scent that makes coffee taste like this when it is made into fruit.

Kaori "soft serve"
Soft serve ice cream with coffee cherries. Fruity!

It goes very well with hot coffee, but the problem is that it's difficult to eat with coffee in one hand and soft serve ice cream in one hand.

3-19-2 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo