Seven Premium Gold Azuki in the middle of gold
Rich monaka ice cream

At each Seven-Eleven store, "Seven Premium Gold Kin no Naka Azuki" will be released sequentially from April 23 (excluding some stores). The price is 278 yen (tax included).

Ice cream in the middle of appearing from Seven Premium's highest-end brand "Seven Premium Gold". In order to pursue higher quality, the same ingredients and special technology as those of Japanese sweets specialty stores are used.

Azuki bean paste made from Hokkaido's "Toyomi Dainagon", which has a good flavor and is large, is contained in a high-quality monaka skin that uses domestic rice flour similar to that of a Japanese confectionery specialty store. By adding condensed milk and azuki bean extract, the cream is made into a Japanese-style milk cream that goes well with red bean paste.