Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Citrus depressa flavor

"Menbei" is one of Fukuoka's standard souvenirs. Previously, I reviewed "Kitakyushu Menbei (with sardines cooked) " as a "local version", but this time I will introduce "Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Shikuwasa flavor".

The package has a refreshing design inspired by the clear blue sea of Okinawa. Shisa will liven up the Okinawan mood. There is also information on sightseeing spots on the back side.

Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Shikuwasa flavor
You want to go to Okinawa

Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Shikuwasa flavor
Back side

"Okinawa Menbei" is a product that adds the flavor of Okinawa's local cuisine "Rafute" and Shikuwasa, which is a sweet and spicy stew of pork, to "Menbei", which is rich in seafood such as mentaiko. Red Marsou's "Shikuwasa pepper with chili pepper" and Ryukyu Awamori "Kumesen" are used.

Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Shikuwasa flavor
Shisa for individual wrapping

An on-parade of various flavors such as mentaiko, pork, squid, octopus, dried bonito, ginger, and Worcestershire sauce. The deep richness and exquisite saltiness that each is in harmony spreads. Finally, mentaiko is tingling.

Due to the complex taste, it is not possible to clearly feel the rafute and citrus depressa flavors, but it is wonderful to have a gradation from a faint sweetness to umami, saltiness and spiciness. Combined with the crispy and light texture, it is delicious and addictive.

Okinawa Menbei Rafute & Shikuwasa flavor
Good for snacks

The price is 864 yen (tax included) for 2 sheets x 8 bags. This time, I bought it at the Okinawan antenna shop "Ginza Okinawan Shop Main Store" in Tokyo.