Yokohama Kurikoan "Cold Roast"

"Cold Taiyaki" will be on sale from April 20th at 7 Taiyaki specialty stores, Yokohama Kurikoan. Target stores are Yokohama West Exit Store, Asakusa Store, Fuchu Store, Matsudo Store, Akihabara Store, Tsujido Store, Yokosuka Store.

A cool roast that you can enjoy a cool, fluffy mouthfeel and plenty of whipped cream. This year, the size has been renewed to make it easier to eat, and the price has become easier to buy.

The lineup includes "Ogura & Whipped" (186 yen, tax not included, same below), "Fluffy Custard & Whipped" (186 yen), and "Strawberry Cream & Whipped" (195 yen).

In addition, each Kurikoan store is holding a "Carefully Selected Matcha Fair" until May 10. "Uji Matcha Soymilk Cream" (176 yen) until around April 18, "Uji Matcha Ogura An" (167 yen) until around April 29, "Nishio's Dark Matcha Cream" (167 yen) until around May 10 It has been.

Yokohama Kurikoan "Carefully Selected Matcha Fair"