Yamaya "Sardine Meita"

Fukuoka's famous specialty "Mentaiko". Do you know "Iwashi Menta" which is packed with sardines?

Yamaya Sardine Meita

It is sold from various shops, but this time I bought a product of "Yamaya", which is famous for mentaiko. The price for 4 fish is 1,296 yen (tax included).

Yamaya "Sardine Meita"
Good boxed

How to roast sardines

It is frozen raw, so it needs to be thawed and cooked before eating. When baking in a frying pan, place sardines on a cooking sheet, cover and cook over medium heat for 7 to 8 minutes on each side. Turn it over and bake it until it is cooked.

Yamaya "Sardine Meita"

Yamaya "Sardine Meita"

Sardine Meita How to eat

I was already convinced by the aroma that drifted when I was baking, but this is insanely good! A bubble wrap mentaiko that snuggles up to the greasy, soft flesh. The mentaiko counteracts the odor of sardines, so all that remains is the deep flavor.

Yamaya "Sardine Meita"
Because there are bones, while loosening

Rice is essential when eating sardine menta. The crisp saltiness and spiciness go well with rice, and the chopsticks go on anyway. The rest is perfect with beer.

Yamaya "Sardine Meita"
For side dishes and snacks

In addition to baking in a frying pan or grill, there are various ways to eat it, such as simmered or fried to make tempura. Enjoy the exquisite collaboration of seafood!