Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko

Mentaiko" is a well-known specialty of Fukuoka. Have you ever heard of "Iwashi Mentaiko," which is mentaiko stuffed into sardines?

Yamaya Iwashi Mentaiko

The price is 1,296 yen (including tax) for a package of 4 sardines.

Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko
Comes in a nice box

Iwashi Mentaiko Baking Method

Since they are frozen raw, they need to be thawed and cooked before eating. To grill in a pan, place Iwashi Mentaiko on a cookie sheet, cover and cook over medium heat for 7-8 minutes on each side. Turn over and cook thoroughly until cooked inside.

Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko

Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko

How to eat Iwashi Mentaiko

I was already convinced by the aroma wafting through the air as I was grilling it, but this is so good! The tender, fatty sardine meat is nestled in the mentaiko (cod roe). The mentaiko cancels out the smell of the sardines, so all that remains is the deep umami flavor.

Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko
While unraveling because of the bones.

Rice is a must when eating Iwashi Mentaiko. The sharp saltiness and spiciness go great with the rice, and the chopsticks just go on and on. A beer would be perfect.

Yamaya "Iwashi Mentaiko
as a side dish or a snack

In addition to pan-frying or grilling, there are many other ways to eat it, such as simmered, deep-fried, or as tempura. Enjoy this exquisite collaboration of seafood!