Seven-Eleven Easter Sweets
Seven Easter sweets are cute! (The source of the image is the official website)

Cute sweets for Easter are now available at Seven-Eleven stores. "Fluffy Kotori Rare Cheesecake" and "Fluffy Rabbit Strawberry Cake" will be on sale from April 17th.

Fluffy Kotori Rare Cheesecake is a small bird cake with an Easter motif of "eggs". A combination of cheesecake and egg-shaped vanilla cake.

Seven-Eleven "Fluffy Kotori Rare Cheesecake"

On the other hand, the fluffy rabbit strawberry cake is also an Easter motif "rabbit" cake. Strawberry mousse and box-shaped strawberry chocolate cake are layered.

Seven-Eleven "Fluffy Rabbit Strawberry Cake"

The price is 386 yen each (tax included). Both are for a limited time until April 21st.