Basque cuisine "Sanjan Piedpo"
Big putty!

I visited the restaurant "Sanjan Piedpo" in the Basque Country in Shibuya, Tokyo. South European-style meat and fish dishes are all delicious.

Go south on Shibuya / Meiji-dori

Basque food in Shibuya "Sanjan Piedpo"
This flag is a landmark

The Basque Country straddles France and Spain, and Saint-Jean-Piedpoe focuses on French cuisine. The location is south of Meiji-dori from Shibuya station. It's the second floor of the building.

There are three types of lunch, including a main dish for 1,080 yen (tax included, same below), an appetizer or dessert with an after-dinner drink for 1,620 yen, and an appetizer, dessert, and drink for 2,160 yen. If you want to eat reasonably, it's the first menu, but this time, take the courage to choose the highest and last menu.

Big putty for appetizer

Appetizer for Basque Cuisine "Sanjan Piedpo"
Various Appetizers

First, the appetizer is brought in. It's a carrot, rape, shredded sardine, summer vegetables such as paprika and zucchini cooked in olive oil, so-called ratatouille, and a large rustic pate made from pork. ..

Rape and ratatouille
Colorful vegetable dishes

The rape has a crispy and refreshing scent. Ratatouille is well cooked and has a firm texture.

Ratatouille close-up
Ratatouille is chewy

The putty is well-matched with fat and liver, and when eaten, it feels like butter with a firm meat taste. I want to enjoy it on the bread that came with me. The amount is quite large, so if you cut it with a knife little by little and put it on, the bread will run out first.

Basque countryside putty
Plenty of putty

Basque bread cut
To the attached bread

Basque putty and bread
Eat like butter!

The main dish is white and black!

Main dish paella

Then the main dish. You can choose from multiple types of dishes from today's dishes, but I ordered squid ink paella as one dish that has a Basque feel. On top of the black-colored rice, a white poele made by steaming red sea bream is placed, and green onions are chopped. Appearance that has quite an impact.

Squid ink paella
Paella of squid ink. Shrimp and bacon are also included to make the saltiness stronger

Paella is hard rice with shrimp, bacon, etc. and has a strong saltiness. It has a strong impression of cooking rather than rice. The bubble wrap texture matches the taste of thick seafood.

Cut of red sea bream
Red sea bream is light and soft

On the contrary, red sea bream poele is light night, and it becomes more delicious if you squeeze the attached lemon. Since there is a large amount, you can enjoy the contrast with paella little by little by carrying it to your mouth while cutting it with a knife.