FamilyMart "Raw Chocolate Monaka Special"
Special ice cream for chocolate lovers!

"Raw chocolate monaka Special" is on sale at each FamilyMart store (excluding some stores). The estimated price is 238 yen (tax included). Limited to FamilyMart.

This is a renewal of the popular product released in April last year (2018) with the theme of "adult" x "fragrance". The smooth chocolate ice cream filled with the scent of cacao is mixed with moist and chewy raw chocolate.

For chocolate ice cream, we use cacao mass made from Ecuadorian cacao, which has a fruity aroma, and this year we added red wine as a secret ingredient (alcohol content less than 0.6%) to make it more flavorful and mature. There seems to be.

The chocolate ice cream contains raw chocolate in the shape of a dice made from Belgian couverture. You can fully enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate from the first bite to the end.