UMIERE's "Gorogoro Fruit Soft" "Hojicha Milk"

Hokkaido soft serve ice cream shop "UMIERE". I went to a store in the commercial facility "Marugoto Nippon" in Asakusa, Tokyo.

The signature product is milk soft serve ice cream made from organic milk from Hokkaido. I ordered "Gorogoro Fruit Soft" strawberry, which is a combination of special soft serve ice cream and fruit. The price is 750 yen (tax included, same below).

UMIERE's "Gorogoro Fruit Soft"
I will have a spoon with a long handle

Not only the appearance of white and red, but also the taste is gorgeous. The soft serve ice cream spreads the milky sweetness while melting smoothly. You can feel the freshness as well as the deep richness, like a soft serve ice cream to eat at the ranch!

UMIERE's "Gorogoro Fruit Soft"
Soggy and smooth

Strawberries are rumbling on the bottom. Excellent compatibility with soft serve ice cream. You can enjoy a rich taste that makes "condensed milk strawberry" more luxurious.

UMIERE's "Gorogoro Fruit Soft"
Strawberries are cut so it's easy to eat

In addition to soft serve ice cream, the shop also has a lineup of trendy tapioca drinks. The transparent bottle with the shop logo is fashionable.

UMIERE "Hojicha milk"
Comes in a bag with a logo with a straw

"Hojicha milk" (700 yen) has a perfect balance of mellow richness and aroma that is typical of hojicha. From a thick straw, soft tapioca can jump into your mouth one after another. It is elastic and has a slight sweetness when chewed. It's full of tapioca, so I'm quite hungry.

UMIERE "Hojicha milk"
Mochi mochi

"UMIERE" is a shop where you can enjoy the deliciousness of milk. Stop by while exploring Asakusa.