Yogurt french toast
A simple recipe for "yogurt French toast" that can be made without eggs.
material ( For 1 person )
Plain bread 1 sheet
plain yogurt 1 sheet
milk 100ml
honey 2 tablespoons
lemon juice 2 tsp
butter Appropriate amount
Recipe "yogurt french toast"

It tastes like cheesecake !? Here's a simple recipe for "yogurt French toast" that you can make without eggs.

・ 1 slice of bread ・ 100g of plain yogurt
・ Milk 100ml
・ 2 tablespoons of honey
・ 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
・ Appropriate amount of butter

[How to make]
1. Add yogurt, milk, honey and lemon juice to the vat, mix well, and soak the cut bread.

Recipe "yogurt french toast"

2. Turn it over while occasionally sprinkling yogurt with a spoon so that the liquid soaks firmly on both sides.

Recipe "yogurt french toast"

3. When the yogurt has soaked into the bread, put butter in a frying pan and heat it over low heat to line up the bread. Cover and bake for 2-3 minutes

Recipe "yogurt french toast"

4. Turn it over, cover it again, and bake for another 2-3 minutes. Bake slowly until both sides are beautifully browned.

Recipe "yogurt french toast"

5. Serve on a plate and top with syrup or powdered sugar if you like.

Recipe "yogurt french toast"
It looks a little ugly, but ...!

■ The taste is refreshing and the texture is chewy.
The sour yogurt has a refreshing taste like cheesecake! The dough is more chewy than regular French toast, and you can enjoy the softness similar to mochi. You can adjust the sweetness according to your mood by adding a large amount of honey for snacks or removing honey when making it instead of breakfast.

Recipe "yogurt french toast"
Refreshing taste

A simple recipe for "yogurt French toast" that can be made without eggs. How about for today's snack!