Amazake French toast
Use "Amazake" instead of sugar and milk.
material ( For 1 person )
Bread (cut into 5 to 6 pieces) 1 sheet
egg 1 piece
Sweet Sake Appropriate amount
butter Appropriate amount
"Amazake French toast" recipe

You use sugar and milk for French toast. If you add amazake instead of these two, it will become a little adult French toast! Recommended for amazake lovers!

● Materials

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Bread (cut into 5 to 6 pieces) 1 piece Egg 1 piece Amazake Appropriate amount Butter Appropriate amount

● How to make

Melt the eggs in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of amazake (about the amount of milk you usually put in), and mix well with a whisk.

"Amazake French toast" recipe

"Amazake French toast" recipe

Cut the bread into 4 equal parts. Arrange them in a container such as a vat and pour in the egg liquid to soak them. If you have time, soak it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

"Amazake French toast" recipe

Heat the butter in a frying pan and bake the bread soaked in egg liquid over low heat. Turn it over and turn it on both sides to complete it!

"Amazake French toast" recipe

"Amazake French toast" recipe

● What is the taste?

Bread with moist egg liquid to the inside. When chewed, the richness of butter, the flavor of eggs, and the mellow sweetness of amazake overflow. Also, the scent of Jiuqu that comes out softly in your mouth is nice!

"Amazake French toast" recipe

"Amazake French toast" recipe

It's a recipe for sweetness, so if you like sweetness, add sugar to the egg liquid to adjust the taste. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar or black honey if you like!