Tyrolean chocolate "Tyrolean local tour"

Tyrolean Choco will release the "Tyrolean Local Tour" series on April 15th. The price is 130 yen each for 7 pieces (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This is Tyrolean chocolate in collaboration with four famous brands all over Japan. Iwate Prefecture's famous confectionery "Kamome no Tamago", Aichi Prefecture's coffee shop Komeda Coffee's signature menu "Shiro Noir", Hiroshima Prefecture's famous confectionery "Momiji Manju", Saga Prefecture's "Black Mont Blanc" which is also called Kyushu's soul food We are collaborating with.

"Kamome no tamago" is made by wrapping yellow bean paste and yellow bean paste flavored paste in white chocolate, which is the image of kamome no tamago.

"Shiro Noir" is a reproduction of fragrant Danish-flavored chocolate and soft-serve ice cream-flavored chocolate wrapped in a thick maple sauce and crispy fiantine.

"Momiji Manju" is a moist texture of red bean paste wrapped in azuki-flavored chocolate with azuki-flavored paste.

"Black Mont Blanc" uses the same cookie crunch as ice cream and is combined with peanuts.

In addition, "Tirol Local Tour Display Set" will be released at the same time. It comes in 40 bags and costs 5,200 yen.