Tully's Coffee "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole" and Bear Full Sleeve

Seasonal "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait" will be released on April 19th at each Tully's Coffee store. A cute "Bearful Sleeve" is also available.

Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait is a drink with two layers of strawberry milk and iced coffee using Tochiotome juice. If you drink it as it is without mixing it, you can enjoy strawberry milk and chewy tapioca, and if you mix it, it will turn into a cafe au lait where you can feel mellow coffee. The price is 550 yen for tall size (tax included, same below).

Tully's Coffee "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole"
Two clean layers

"Bear full sleeve" can also be purchased as a set with the target drink. This time, there are two types, the "crown" with a bright mint blue color covered with a crown and the "tiara" with a cute pastel pink covered with a tiara. The price is the target drink + 350 yen. Up to 2 per person.

Tully's Coffee Bear Full Sleeve

Target drinks are "Tapioca Hojicha Latte", "& TEA Tapioca Royal Milk Tea", and "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole".

From the same day, "& TEA Peach & Muscat Tea" (Tall size from 500 yen) and "Royal Milk Tea Cream Sworkle (FROZEN)" (Short size from 490 yen) will also be on sale.

Tully's Coffee "& TEA Peach & Muscat Tea"
& TEA Peach & Muscat Tea

Tully's "Royal Milk Tea Cream Sworkle (FROZEN)"
Royal Milk Tea Cream Sworkle (FROZEN)