Cold Stone Creamery Easter New Product

At each Cold Stone Creamery store (excluding some stores), three new products with the "Easter" motif are on sale. The sale period is scheduled until May 13. The lineup is as follows. Prices start from 500 yen (tax included).

・ Pastel berry eggly pudding "Custard pudding ice cream" is an ice cream that you can feel the taste of "egg" which is one of the symbols of Easter. Strawberry ice cream is combined, pastel marshmallow and raspberry are mixed, and it is said that it is finished in pastel color, sweet and sour, cute taste.

Cold Stone "Pastel Berry Eggley Pudding"

・ Muscat Cumming of Spring "Muscat Yogurt Taste Ice Cream" is characterized by its refreshing and gentle sweetness. It is refreshingly finished with banana and nata de coco, and the colorful rainbow sprinkles are added to add a gorgeous appearance.

Cold Stone "Muscat Coming of Spring"

・ Easter Sweet Carnival "Watermelon Ice Cream", which has been revived for the first time in about 9 years, is a flavor that uses domestic watermelon juice and is packed with plenty of umami and sweetness. In addition, a green "Muscat yogurt taste ice cream" and a red "Strawberry sauce" are mixed. The colorful "M and M" reminiscent of Easter eggs has also been added, making it an eye-pleasing dish.

Cold Stone "Easter Sweet Carnival"

* Waffle balls and cones are sold separately.