"Rice croquette manma" and "Rice croquette" taste
Eat and compare "Rice croquette manma" and "Rice croquette"

"Capricciosa Rice Croquette Manma" has appeared at FamilyMart. It was said that the taste of the popular menu of the Italian restaurant "Capricciosa" was made into a snack, so I tried to compare how similar it actually was.

Rice croquette manma is one of the "Sozai manma" series made by UHA Mikakuto. In this series, "Croquette Manma" was quite similar to croquette and was popular around reporters.

This time I was motivated to try how similar it was, but in the first place, I don't remember eating the original rice croquette properly, so I decided to stop by Capricciosa and try it first.

·rice croquette

Capricciosa "Original Sicilian rice croquette, minced meat sauce"
"Original Sicilian rice croquette, minced meat sauce"

At lunch, I visited the main store in Shibuya, Tokyo, which had just been renovated, and when I managed to get a seat in the crowd, I chose a dish called "Original Sicilian-style rice croquette, minced meat sauce." Treated as an appetizer instead of a main dish.

The price is 660 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). As far as I can see from the menu picture, there is only one on the plate, and when I waited thinking that if I asked for only this one for lunch, it would be unsatisfactory, I arrived with plenty of steaming meat sauce. Also, a huge ball-shaped fried food.

Capricciosa's "Original Sicilian Rice Croquette, Minced Meat Sauce"

For a moment, my eyes become a point at the difference between imagination and reality. When I cut it with a terrifying knife, a large amount of cheese melted from the cross section after it had a heavy response. It seems that the rice with the flavor on the outside formed a thick layer and trapped the hot contents.

Capricciosa's "Original Sicilian rice croquette, minced meat sauce"
Rice sticks, cheese melts

Rather than an appetizer, the volume of the main dish is the volume. I'm surprised, but I try to eat it. The crispy batter, the rich rice, the sauce with a strong tomato flavor as well as the bright red color, and the thick cheese come together in your mouth.

Capricciosa's "Original Sicilian rice croquette, minced meat sauce"
This is about a quarter. Spoon hides completely

What's more, it doesn't go away even if you eat it. Maybe you are using two rice balls, or even three or more rice balls. It's more than enough for lunch and dinner. If you enjoy it as a knob, you want to share it with two or more people.

After flattening everything, when I was completely full and drowsy, I had herbal tea brewed at the service. The unique scent is perfect for relaxing after a meal. Anyway, I felt a sense of accomplishment that the rice croquette preparation was over.

Capricciosa herbal tea
Herbal tea. The deliciousness of squeezing.