Veloce's new spring seasonal drinks "rich strawberry milk" and "refreshing orange lassi"
I want to drink both!

At each Café Veloce store (excluding some stores), the new spring seasonal drinks "Rich Ichigo Milk" and "Refreshing Orange Lassi" are on sale. The sale period is until May 31st. The price is 350 yen each (tax included).

Rich strawberry milk is a drink with a mellow and rich taste, topped with strawberry sauce containing smooth whipped cream and flesh, and has a gorgeous appearance. You can feel the sweet and sour taste of strawberries in the sweet and rich taste.

Veloce "rich strawberry milk"

Refreshing Orange Lassi is a drink made by adding yogurt containing LGG lactic acid bacteria to 100% orange juice and topped with juicy orange fruits. You can enjoy the fresh orange fruit and the refreshing and refreshing aftertaste of lassi.

Veloce "Refreshing Orange Lassi"