Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
"Warm noodles" that look like hot cold noodles are delicious

Morioka cold noodle specialty store "Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko" found in Shibuya, Tokyo. "Warm noodles", which are like hot cold noodles, have a rich beef soup taste and are often entwined with smooth noodles, and the fresh vegetables toppings are also delicious.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko
Small shop

Tsurushiko is located on Meiji-dori from the east exit of Shibuya station toward Ebisu station. I happened to pass by and was fascinated by the words "Morioka Reimen Specialty Store". However, the temperature is not so high yet, and as I hesitate and stare at it again, I notice the word "warm men" written next to it. There seems to be a warm menu.

When I entered, it was a method of purchasing a meal ticket with a touch panel. Try ordering "beef soup warm noodles". The price is 1,080 yen (tax included), but it's exciting. If you give the ticket to a quiet shop person who has the name tag "President" over the counter, he will start cooking immediately.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
It's hot

After a while, a cup of steam settled in a simple black donburi appeared. When I scoop up the soup with a lotus, it's hot. It smells like beef broth, which is appetizing just by bringing your nose close to it, without following the complaint that it has been boiled for 10 hours. It is quite rich when you take a sip. It has no other flavors, so the taste itself is refreshing, but the saltiness is probably as strong as ordinary ramen.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
Beef soup is rich

The noodles inside are translucent and smooth and chewy, which is typical of Morioka Reimen noodles, but the soup is often entwined. Actually, it was my first time to eat hot noodles, but I was a little surprised that I could enjoy the crispy texture of cold noodles even if it wasn't cold.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
Soup is often entwined with noodles

Steamed and loosened beef with toppings is a good complement. It has a slight sweetness and is associated with "Shigure-boiled", but it has a unique and elegant umami.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
Loosen steamed beef. Slightly sweet flavor

Besides, there are plenty of vegetables. Eggplant, carrot, zucchini, lotus root. All of them are brightly colored and have a pleasant texture, but they are also cooked for their softness that is easy to bite. At this shop, I felt that I was particular about cooking vegetables, probably because there is a menu for "vegan" people who do not eat animal foods.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko "Beef soup warm noodles"
I felt particular about how to cook vegetables

When you finish eating, you are completely full. When it got warmer, I wanted to try cold noodles, but I returned to Shibuya station on Meiji-dori, where the chilly wind still blows.

Cold noodle dining Tsurushiko 1-27-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo