McDonald's "double burger"
1 week only

At each McDonald's store, "Double Burger", which doubles the patty for 100 yen plus the standard burger, will be on sale from 10:30 each day from March 6th to 12th (excluding some stores).

The ban on "Double Burger" of "Night Mac" was lifted for the first time during the daytime. During the period, you can double the patty individually or as a set just by adding 100 yen to the standard burger on the regular menu. Coupon products are also "double burgers" for an additional 100 yen.

Popular products such as the Gran series featuring thick beef, Big Mac, and Teriyaki Mac Burger, as well as fries such as Shrimp Phileo and Filet-O-Fish are also eligible. If you make a product that originally contains 2 patties, such as a double cheeseburger, into a "double burger", you can enjoy a total of 4 patties.

McDonald's "Double Big Mac"
Double Big Mac