Yokoo Day Leafs "Drinking Rice Balls"
I'm curious about the taste

Yokoo Day Leafs will release two types of "drinking rice balls" on March 1st. The price is 160 yen each (excluding tax).

This is a "drinking rice ball" in a pouch container with a spout. One pack (130g (4.59oz)) contains calories (200kcal) for about one rice ball and dietary fiber for one lettuce. He said that he pursued deliciousness by sticking to domestic ingredients such as Kishu Nankoume, Hokkaido kelp, domestic rice, and domestic seaweed.

There are two flavors, "drinking rice ball plum kelp" and "drinking rice ball plum bonito". Best-by date is 1 year when stored at room temperature. It is also recommended for emergency food and preserved food.

Sold at "Konnyaku Park" facilities, "Konnyaku Park" online shops, and supermarkets nationwide.