Kura sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"
Kura Sushi hamburger is a rainy day wasabi & gari push

I ate Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER". Two types, meat and fish. For some reason, it was an interesting menu that it was delicious to chew with gari and wasabi.

・ To the pop-up shop

Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"

From March 1st, the menu can be ordered at each Kura Sushi store, but I went there because it was sold in advance at the pop-up shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. The price is 270 yen (tax included, same below) for both meat and fish, and I also order "Shari Cola" (180 yen). A total of 720 yen.

Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"
Kura Sushi is such a shop

The interior is indescribable but stylish, like a hamburger shop like a sushi chain. However, if you get a hamburger and a tray in a paper package, the feeling of fast food will increase.

Kura Sushi Hamburger "KURA BURGER"

Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"
Meet and fish. simple.

・ Meat burger is wasabi!

Kura Sushi Hamburger "KURA BURGER"
This is Meat Burger

First from meat. Ketchup-based seasoning on patties finished with a unique blend. In addition, with mayonnaise, onion tempura and lettuce are sandwiched between buns.

Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"

Well this hamburger. The shop staff advised me, "If you like, please put wasabi on it and eat it." I thought it was strange, but I'll try it because it's a big deal. Remove the upper buns, put wasabi on it, cover it with buns, and chew it up. Is it a bit like adding horseradish to roast beef?

Kura Sushi hamburger "KURA BURGER"
I'll do it really

Kura Sushi Hamburger "KURA BURGER"

The junk taste of fried food and minced meat and the refreshing spiciness are a good complement. If you're not good at wasabi itself, you may want to put it on the back of the buns.

By the way, Patty has a different flavor from that of other hamburger chains, and it has a nostalgic taste like "the contents of Menchi-katsu". The onions are crispy and have a pleasant texture. It seems that the buns are a mixture of rice flour and black vinegar, and I felt it was a little firm, but it fits better.
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