Chun Shui Tang "Tapioca Sakura Milk Tea (Ice / Hot)"

The spring-only menu "Tapioca Sakura Milk Tea (Ice / Hot)" will be released on March 4th from the Taiwanese cafe "Chun Shui Tang". The price is 600 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until March 31st.

This is a spring-only Japanese original tapioca drink. Based on the Japanese-style bean paste, the scent of cherry blossoms and the saltiness of the hidden plums make it feel like spring. A cup with the image of a refreshing spring with a soft pink color.

The tea is a blend of Jasmine tea, which is particular to Chun Shui Tang, and adds the aroma of jasmine flowers and a refreshing aftertaste. You can enjoy the chewy tapioca texture, the scent of cherry blossoms, and the spring combination with the special jasmine.