Amara Deli "Pink Strawberry Lassi"
Different from the lassi I know!

"Lassie". A traditional drink from India using yogurt. In fact, it's undergoing some interesting evolution now. The "Pink Strawberry Lassi" I found at "AMARA DELI" in Tokyo Sky Tree was a work that impressed me with the decoration.

Speaking of lassi, you can order a drink at an Indian restaurant. When asking for lunch, I'm wondering which is better, milk tea "chai". After eating spicy curry, I feel relieved when I eat a sweet and soft cup on my tongue.

Amara Deli "Pink Strawberry Lassi"
Is there such a thing?

However, the lassi of Amara Deli in the commercial facility "Tokyo Solamachi" in the Sky Tree is a little different. The pink strawberry lassi (600 yen, tax included) I ordered this time is a limited menu associated with the "Strawberry Fair" being held at Soramachi, so if it looks flashy, it has a gorgeous strawberry flavor decoration drink. ..

Amara Deli "Pink Strawberry Lassi"

The pink and white mountains on top are all cream. It's covered with plenty of bright red strawberry sauce, decorated with sweet silver grains of Alazan, and served with green mint.

The cream itself is very sweet and thick, but the strawberry flavored lassi underneath has a refreshing yogurt taste. It is refreshing when you chew the mint leaves. The texture of Alazan is very nice.

Amara Deli "Pink Strawberry Lassi"
Alazan and mint with plenty of strawberry sauce!

The feeling that "it's different from the lassi I know" remained until the end, but it certainly made me feel really happy.

1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Solamachi 2F