Tendon Tenya "Shrimp Oedo Tendon and Small Ramen Set"
When you want to eat tightly

At Tendon Tenya, "Shrimp Oedo Tendon and Small Ramen Set" will be released on February 26th as the second version of "Tenya's Gutsuri Dinner" (excluding some stores). The price is 990 yen (tax included).

This is an in-store limited menu after 17:00. A set of "Shrimp Oedo Tendon" with 3 shrimp and okra tempura and a small soy sauce-flavored ramen is full of volume. The small ramen, which has been around for the first time in about 11 years since 2008, is said to have a full-fledged taste by adding Chinese soup stock to the bonito stock.

Tendon Tenya "Shrimp Oedo Tendon and Small Ramen Set"
Soft-boiled egg

In addition, as a "Spring Seasonal Vegetables 3 Kinds Relay" limited to Tendon in the Kanto area, tempura of "Tsubomi", "Fukinoto", and "Tara no Bud" will be sold for 10 days each, in a limited quantity each day. Except for some stores). "Tsubomi" will appear from February 20th to March 1st, "Fukinoto" will appear from March 2nd to 11th, and "Tara no Bud" will appear from March 12th to 21st. The price is 120 yen each (tax included).