Lentin omelet rice
Easy omelet rice made with a microwave oven.
Material ( For 1 person )
Egg 1 piece
White rice For a cup of tea
ketchup Appropriate amount
Black pepper Appropriate amount
parsley as you like
Easy recipe "Lentin omelet rice"

No frying pan used! Introducing the simple recipe "Lentin omelet rice" that can be done with a microwave oven. It looks cute and you can enjoy the kid's lunch feeling ♪

・ 1 egg ・ A bowl of white rice ・ Ketchup suitable amount ・ Black pepper suitable amount ・ Parsley as you like

[How to make]
1. Put rice, ketchup and black pepper in a bowl and mix. Add the eggs and mix further

Making a simple recipe "Lentin omelet rice"
Mix well

2. Warm in the microwave (approximate heating time: 500W for 2 minutes and 30 seconds)

Easy recipe "Lentin omelet rice"

3. Put the warm rice on a plate and top it with ketchup or parsley to finish!

Easy recipe "Lentin omelet rice"

■ Children's lunch feeling ♪
Omelet rice with a cute round appearance is like a "kid's lunch". You can enjoy the splendid taste of omelet rice by combining the richness of ketchup with the savory egg and rice.

Easy recipe "Lentin omelet rice"

Add mixed vegetables, cheese or ham to your liking, and the range of flavors will expand depending on the arrangement! It is also a nice point to be able to make it without using fire.

Easy recipe "Lentin omelet rice"
Eggs are savory and delicious

Easy omelet rice that can be made in the microwave. Please give it a try!