Starbucks "SAKURA FUL milk pudding"

"SAKURAFUL milk pudding" is on sale at each Starbucks store (excluding some stores). The price is 320 yen per piece. The "Pudding & Bag", which is a set of 3 favorite puddings and an original bag, costs 1,360 yen (both tax excluded).

This is a pudding that you can enjoy the gentle taste of milk and cherry blossoms. Domestically produced puree with cherry blossoms and cherry leaf powder are used for the cherry sauce. There are 3 types of packages designed by Sakura.

Starbucks "SAKURAFUL Milk Pulette"
The cup design is cute!

The pudding, which you can enjoy a mellow and mellow mouthfeel, has a fluffy scent of cherry blossoms that comes out of your nose after swallowing. You can enjoy the rich sweetness and the gorgeous gradation of cherry blossoms.

Starbucks "SAKURAFUL Milk Pulette"
Smooth & mellow

If you eat it with the cherry sauce on the bottom of the cup, it will be even more flavorful! The slight saltiness and richness that remains in the aftertaste brings spring to the mouth.

Starbucks "SAKURAFUL Milk Pulette"
With sakura sauce

Starbucks "SAKURAFUL Milk Pudding" is cute and recommended as a gift. Why don't you enjoy spring as soon as possible ♪