Starbucks "Sakura Full Frappuccino" and "Sakura Full Milk Latte"

The cherry blossom season has arrived at Starbucks. "Sakura Full Frappuccino" and "Sakura Full Milk Latte" will be on sale for a limited time from February 15th (excluding some stores).

The theme of this SAKURA series is "SAKURA" Mankai "Moments-Full blooming all around you-". I immediately drank Beverage, which expresses the cherry blossoms in full bloom that show various expressions.

Sakura Full Frappuccino

Frappuccino with the image of cherry blossoms in full bloom reflected on the water's edge. Sakura strawberry flavored sauce and jelly are used. Finished with cherry-flavored and strawberry-flavored shave chocolate and whipped cream. The price is 580 yen for tall size (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Starbucks "Sakura Full Frappuccino"
The cup is designed with cherry blossoms in full bloom in the Meguro River

It is the sauce that bears the gorgeousness. The light pink of the base and the dark pink of the sauce are gradation in the cup, reminiscent of a series of cherry blossom trees. The moment you put it in your mouth, the flavor of cherry blossoms spreads softly, and the gentle sweetness of the spring sunshine wraps your tongue. A refreshing aftertaste thanks to strawberry.

Starbucks "Sakura Full Frappuccino"
Gorgeous to the eyes

The transparent jelly expresses the surface of the water that reflects the cherry blossoms. The smooth texture of the base is likely to be addictive! It is a cup that makes you look forward to spring even more, with both gorgeousness and freshness.

Starbucks "Sakura Full Frappuccino"
Bright jelly enhances satisfaction

Sakura full milk latte

A latte that imagines the moment when the petals fall down in the wind. The fluttering cherry blossoms are expressed by topping with shave chocolate with a light pink sakura flavor and a dark pink strawberry flavor. The price starts from 440 yen for short size.

Starbucks "Sakura Full Milk Latte"
The blue line of the cup is the Meguro River

The chocolates that overlap on the fluffy cream are just pretty petals. Rich milk and cherry blossoms melt elegantly, and rich strawberry leaves a lingering finish. A sweet cup that excites you every time you eat it.

Starbucks "Sakura Full Milk Latte"
Pretty look

Two Beverages where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom with your eyes and tongue. "Sakura Full Frappuccino" is available until February 27th, and "Sakura Full Milk Latte" is available until March 19th (finished as soon as it runs out).