Snow Brand Megmilk "Milky Soft Caramel Flavor"
Sweet caramel flavor

Megmilk Snow Brand will release a bread spread "Milky Soft Caramel Flavor" in collaboration with Fujiya on February 21st. The estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

This is a spread where you can enjoy the deliciousness of Fujiya's long-selling candy "Milky" and caramel on bread. This is the second installment following the "Milky Soft" released in March 2018.

Caramel made from dairy products goes well with condensed milk and is also popular as a flavor for honey toast and pancakes. You can enjoy the mellow sweetness of caramel and condensed milk.

The design of "Milky Soft" has been changed to coincide with the release of "Milky Soft Caramel Flavor". When two items are placed side by side, the bread becomes a heart shape. Even when arranged upside down, the Fujiya characters Peko-chan and Poco-chan have a high five design.

Snow Brand Megmilk "Milky Soft Caramel Flavor"
Diverse designs