Knorr Creamy Ginger Potage

From the "Knorr" cup soup series, "Creamy Ginger Potage", a ginger flavor limited to autumn and winter, is on sale.

Knoll Creamy Ginger Potage
Creamy ginger potage

This is a finished potato potage with ginger powder added. It is also seasoned with onions, Chinese cabbage extract, and pepper. The ingredients are bacon chips and green onions.

Knoll Creamy Ginger Potage
Pour hot water

Knoll Creamy Ginger Potage
Stir and you're done

The pure white appearance is the same as ordinary potage soup, but when you include a bite, the spicy scent of ginger at once!

Knoll Creamy Ginger Potage
Ginger is listening!

The sweetness of creamy potatoes that gently strokes the tongue is accented by the slight spiciness of ginger. Bacon chips and green onions add umami, flavor, and texture. It feels warm from the stomach, and the aftertaste is sharp and very delicious!

Recommended for breakfast and lunch during the cold season. It comes in 3 bags, and the purchase price this time is 178 yen (excluding tax).