Lotte "Cafe Latte Soft"
Collaboration with Boss Latte Base!

Lotte will release two new products in collaboration with Suntory's "Boss Latte Base" on February 19th. The lineup is as follows.

"Cafe latte soft" is a soft candy with a latte flavor. It seems to have an image of the taste and design of the latte base. The estimated price is around 220 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Lotte "Cafe Latte Soft"

"Petit Busse [Cafe Latte]" is a petite busse inspired by the taste of cafe latte made with "Boss Latte Base". A combination of latte cream, chocolate and coffee cake. The price is around 250 yen.

Lotte "Petit Busse [Cafe Latte]"