Marunaga Confectionery "Aisu Manju Salt Vanilla"
New texture?

Marunaga Confectionery's "Aisumanju" brand will release a new flavor "Aisumanju Shio Vanilla" that is perfect for spring and summer on March 11th. The estimated price is 140 yen for 1 bottle (100 ml) and 550 yen for 85 ml x 5 bottles (excluding tax).

This is an ice bar with plenty of red bean bean in elegant salt vanilla ice cream. It has a crispy texture with fine ice, and it has a refreshing aftertaste.

The salt used is the sea salt "Nuchimasu" from Okinawa Prefecture. It is characterized by a slight sweetness and a soft salty taste, and is said to enhance the rich flavor of vanilla and red bean paste.

Marunaga Confectionery "Aisu Manju Salt Vanilla"
Easy to share 5 bottles