Katsuya "Mapo chicken cutlet set meal"

At each Tonkatsu specialty store "Katsuya" (excluding some stores), "Mabo Chicken Katsu Don" and "Maba Chicken Katsu Set Meal" are on sale. For a limited time.

Mapo chicken cutlet is made with the original mapo tofu, which has the spiciness of bright chili peppers and the flavor of savory peppers. It's finished in "spicy enough to worry that it's too spicy to get angry", and it's a taste that even people who like spicy food will be satisfied with.

Katsuya "Mapo Chicken Katsu Don"
Mapo chicken cutlet bowl

The price is 590 yen for Mapo chicken cutlet bowl and 690 yen for Mapo chicken cutlet set meal (both tax excluded).