Nissin Foods "Mapo Tofu Shibi Spicy Soup"

The instant cup soup "Mapo Tofu Shibi Spicy Soup" will be released by Nissin Foods on February 18th. The estimated price is 170 yen (excluding tax).

A tofu soup that combines "Sichuan pepper" and "Mapo tofu" with the concept of "addictive spiciness". The soup is finished by adding the spiciness of red pepper and the savory taste of Chinese pepper to the umami of Doubanjiang. The ingredients are tofu with a large and smooth texture, meat shavings, green onions, and red pepper.

Each meal contains 5.7g (0.25oz) of sugar and 56kcal of calories. Recommended when you want to add another item to your usual lunch, or when you want to reduce sugar and calories.