Maruka Foods "Peyang Gyoza Janyakisoba"
It seems that you want to say "Gyoza"

"Peyang Gyoza Janyakisoba" was released by Maruka Foods on February 4th. The estimated price is 175 yen (excluding tax).

This is a cup of yakisoba that has been finished with a seasoning that makes you want to say "Gyozajan" when you eat a bite. The taste of garlic and pork extract continues to the end. Kayaku is cabbage, minced chicken and pork, and leek. Gyoza itself is not included.

By the way, from the "Peyoung" series, "Hokkaido Genghis Khan-style Yakisoba" using lamb was released on January 21st and became a hot topic. Following on from this product, where you can enjoy the "taste of eating Genghis Khan", another unique yakisoba is introduced. Why don't you try Peyang fans?

Maruka Foods "Peyoung Hokkaido Genghis Khan Style Yakisoba"
Peyang Hokkaido Genghis Khan style fried noodles