7-ELEVEN Limited "Ginza Sembikiya Strawberry Chocolat".
Ginza Sembikiya Strawberry Chocolat (All images are from the official website)

7-ELEVEN "Choco Festa" Vol. 2

7-ELEVEN has launched the second installment of its "ChocoFesta" program. 7-ELEVEN limited edition chocolates from famous brands such as Godiva and Ginza Sembikiya are now available.

7-ELEVEN "ChocoFesta" Vol. 2

From Godiva, the Godiva Gift Assortment (1,620 yen, tax included, same below), an assortment of popular truffle chocolates and carrées including limited edition flavors, and the Godiva Chocolate Dome 3P, the first chocolate dome in Japan with the aroma and unique texture of hazelnuts (345 yen) and more.

Godiva Chocolate Dome 3P, a 7-ELEVEN exclusive
Godiva Chocolate Dome 3P

Hotel Okura offers the gorgeous "Jewel Chocolat" (800 yen) and "Chocolat Selection" (from 800 yen for 5 pieces). Also, "Strawberry Chocolat" (1,296 yen) and "Apple Chocolat" (1,080 yen) from Ginza Sembikiya are available only at 7-ELEVEN.

Hotel Aucla Jewel Chocolat" limited to 7-ELEVEN
Hotel Okura Jewel Chocolates

In addition, limited edition chocolates from popular brands such as Merry, Morozoff, and Tsujiri are also available. This is a lineup that will make you want to buy a big box of these chocolates for yourself as well as for Valentine's Day gifts!