"Chocolate yellowtail" of Kura Sushi
"Chocolate yellowtail" of Kura sushi. At first glance, it ’s a normal yellowtail with good freshness.

I ate yellowtail "chocolate buri" that grew up eating chocolate at the conveyor belt sushi chain "Musou Kura Sushi". It's one piece suitable for Valentine's Day.

Choco Buri is a brand developed by the Fisheries Research Center of the Ehime Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Institute and the Uwajima Project, and is grown by feeding fish ara mixed with chocolate to farmed yellowtail to increase added value. This is the world's first general sale since its announcement in 2018. Kura Sushi will be available for a limited time until February 14th.

Yellowtail grown in chocolate is interesting. It's almost Valentine's Day, but if it's not like this, I don't have the opportunity to participate, and it may fill in the loneliness of Ichimatsu that I always feel in this season. But I felt like trying it out.

Enter the shop during lunch time by yourself and place an order on the touch panel. One plate is 108 yen (tax included, same below). A fresh grip appears on the rail without waiting too much. It's a fine yellowtail.

The material is big, bumpy, and the rice looks small. It's greasy. When you hang the soy sauce directly on it, it has a soft and melty texture. The freshness is very good and there is not much habit, but the flavor of blue fish is faint. Sushi that is very sushi-like.

"Chocolate yellowtail" of Kura Sushi
Hanging soy sauce

But, however, it doesn't taste like chocolate. I thought that if I checked it carefully, it might have a cacao scent or a slight sweetness, so I closed my eyes and chewed it, but it didn't work.

"Chocolate yellowtail" of Kura Sushi
When I taste it ... After all, it ’s usually delicious yellowtail.

By the way, I didn't mention the chocolate flavor in the introduction of Kura Sushi. Delicious, fresh, ordinary yellowtail. That is the true identity of chocolate. I was satisfied as a pure nigiri. I was satisfied.

I want something a little more, and I reach out to the touch panel and place an additional order. The next thing that was brought in was "Chocolate Inari". It costs 108 yen for two pieces, and it's a dessert-style wrap with cream and fruit in a chocolate-colored wrapping, but when you split it with chopsticks, it's a real inari with sushi rice.

Kura Sushi "Chocolate Inari"
"Chocolate indulgence". Inari sushi full of dessert

It's eaten for a moment, but when you bring it to your mouth, it has a sweetness and a slight acidity, and the softness of the cream and the scent of berry fruits make it a romantic atmosphere. It even makes me feel like my lover, who shouldn't exist, is smiling gently in front of me.

Kura Sushi "Chocolate Inari"
It has sushi rice properly

Contrary to the cute name, the stoic taste of chocolate is combined with the very powerful sweetness of chocolate, which makes me think that it was a good Valentine's Day, although it was a little early. After biting a little happiness, I gently put the plate in the reader, quietly finished the checkout, and left the store.