7-ELEVEN The Chocolat "Godiva Chocolate Assorted Rose"
For Valentine's gift

At each 7-ELEVEN store, the second chocolate festival "7-ELEVEN The Chocolat" for Valentine's Day is being held sequentially from February 2 (excluding some stores, the product lineup varies depending on the store. different).

"Godiva Chocolate Assorted Rose" and "Godiva Chocolate Assorted Bird" are limited-edition chocolates with original designs with gorgeous roses and birds as motifs. Dome chocolate "Dome chocolate milk / dark" with ganache and truffle chocolate are assorted. The price is 1,080 yen each (tax included, same below).

7-ELEVEN The Chocolat "Godiva Chocolate Assorted Bird"
Reuse the can when you finish eating

"Hotel Okura Chocolat Selection 5" is a 7-Eleven limited edition that contains a heart-shaped ganache of "ruby chocolate" with a refreshing acidity. You can also enjoy classic chocolates such as plain and caramel ganache. The price is 800 yen.

7-ELEVEN the Chocolat
The red package is also nice

"Merry Chocolatier's Selection" is an assortment of chocolates made from domestic ingredients, supervised by Chef Shigeyuki Oishi, who won the highest ranking "Gold Tablet" in Salon du Chocolat Paris for three consecutive years. Six flavors of plum, red beans, matcha, honey, chestnut, and salt are made into chocolate by taking advantage of their respective characteristics. The price is 864 yen.

7-ELEVEN The Chocolatier "Merry Chocolatiers Selection"
Japanese chocolate