Kameda Seika "Passed quickly! Happy Turn"
Deliciously support the examinees!

Kameda Seika will release "Spatto Pass! Happy Turn" on December 10th. The estimated price is around 220 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until the end of January 2019.

This is a combination of the familiar "Happy Turn" and "Happy Turn Sour Plum Flavor". The sour plum flavor is said to be finished in a sour taste so that you can refresh yourself and awaken your drowsiness while studying for the exam.

It is said that the phrase "sour" of plum flavor and "spatto pass" are used as auspicious phrases to express a wish to pass. In addition, the individual wrapping contains a message of support from Prince Turn, which is perfect for snacks between studies and support goods for examinees.