Lawson "Nikuman / Pizza Man 100 Yen Sale"

"Nikuman / Pizza Man 100 Yen Sale" is being held at each Lawson store. Limited time until October 22nd.

This is a great sale where "Juicy Meat Manga" and "Torori Cheese Pizza Manga" are usually 130 yen (tax included, same below) but 100 yen. It is being held from October 16th.

Juicy meat bun is a Chinese bun that traps the deliciousness of "ice temperature aged pork". Using special flour, it is finished in a soft and soft dough.

On the other hand, the pizza bun with melty cheese is a Chinese bun with plenty of cheese and high lycopene tomatoes. The taste of rich pizza sauce is reproduced.

Please while it is hot.