10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods
Take this opportunity to buy the products you were interested in! (All image sources are official websites)

"10% off sale of frozen foods" will be held at each KALDI Coffee Farm store for a limited time from October 18th to 25th.

10% off all frozen KALDI foods for 8 days. You can buy fruits, bread, fried rice, sweets, etc. at a bargain price.

● This is the product of interest!

・ KALDI original cinnamon roll

10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods

Frozen cinnamon rolls with cinnamon scent on the chewy dough. Finished with plenty of cheese frosting. You can eat it by warming it in a toaster or microwave, or just thawing it naturally.

・ Japan First Tanegashima Sweet Sweet Potato Princess Brulee Pudding

10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods

Brulee pudding using Tanegashima sweet potato "Mitsuhime". You can enjoy the deep richness and bittersweet harmony of Caramelised made from Tanegashima brown sugar.

・ New York cheesecake plain

10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods

A frozen cheesecake with a mellow and moist texture. It is not too sweet and has a well-balanced taste with the acidity of cheese. You can enjoy the rich and luxurious taste of cream cheese, which is more than 60% of the total.

・ Maison Viennoiserie Croissant

10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods

Discerning frozen croissant dough using French fermented butter. When it is thawed and ready to be pressed with your fingers, bake it in the oven to finish it. A dish that you can enjoy crispy and chewy rich croissants at home.

・ Granaroro Italy Frozen Mozzarella

10% Off KALDI Frozen Foods

Mozzarella soaked in salt water is frozen as it is. Even if it is thawed, it has little acidity and can be tasted deliciously. You can enjoy the fresh and rich taste of 100% Italian milk and the fresh texture.