Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino" and "Halloween Princess Frappuccino"

Halloween is just around the corner after mid-October. Starbucks will sell "Halloween Witch Frappuccino" and "Halloween Princess Frappuccino" from October 18th to 31st (excluding some stores). The price is 590 yen (excluding tax) for tall size.

The theme is "Which one? It's the day you decide." There will be two "Narikiri Frappuccino" that you can choose in a costume-like mood, "Is the true figure sleeping in you a witch or a princess?"

The appearance is different, but both are mainly Apple. I drank it a little earlier to see what kind of taste it had.

Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino" Apples

◆ Halloween witch

Frappuccino that expresses the dark image of "witch". A blend of caramel-flavored cookies. A little horror visual with dripping chocolate sauce and bright red apple compote.

Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino"
It looks like a witch's costume

The first thing that comes into your mouth from the straw is the apple compote. Crispy and smooth and comfortable mouthfeel. Spreads the refreshing sweetness.

Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino"
Witch's sweet temptation

Chocolate, caramel cookies, and cream are entwined with apple and gradually change to a complex taste. A cup full of "dessert feeling" that will satisfy your stomach and soul. It's a fascinating taste that won't stop once you start drinking.

Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino"
A whole cookie is blended

◆ Halloween Princess

On the other hand, this is Frappuccino with the image of a cute "princess". Blended with apple compote and combined with white mocha sauce and whipped cream. Pink and blue toppings are shining on the cream.

Starbucks "Halloween Princess Frappuccino"
Transient pink

Sweet taste as well as appearance. The mellow richness of the sauce and cream wraps the tongue. Thanks to the sweet and sour apple, it gives a gorgeous impression like a princess.

Starbucks "Halloween Princess Frappuccino"
The mood is a noble princess

The flesh-like Halloween witch with the compote in the cup is mixed with Frappuccino, so it has a smoother mouthfeel. The crispy sugar topping not only looks good, but also serves as an accent to the texture.

Starbucks "Halloween Princess Frappuccino"

Frappuccino that looks and tastes completely different even with the same apple. There is no doubt that both will liven up Halloween. Can you be a dark witch or a glittering princess?