Toraya's Hitokuchi Chestnut Yokan "New Chestnut"
New chestnut. It's a bit big, but it's good enough to eat

Toraya's Hitokuchi Chestnut Yokan "New Chestnut". This is an autumn-only dish, and although it is small in size, it has a sticky sweetness of chestnuts.

Shinkuri is one of the small yokan that you can buy at Toraya's shop, and the price is 367 yen (tax included). Toraya's yokan has the impression that it is a luxury item to bring as a souvenir, but this is the right size and price for making tea at home.

Even though it was a bit big, it had a strong sweetness, a sticky texture and a strong chestnut scent, and it was as satisfying as eating one cake. It has a smooth texture and does not hit chestnut fragments. It's like chestnut paste.

It should have been kneaded with white bean paste in addition to chestnuts, but the flavor is not so clear even if you check it carefully with your tongue. Chestnut insists that much.

You can hold it in your hand and grab it as it is, but you can also slice it thinly with a kitchen knife, arrange it on a plate, and squeeze it a little. I want strong matcha for drinks.

Toraya's "new chestnut" cut surface
Cut into small pieces and little by little

As of October, the package has a special design to commemorate the reopening of Toraya's "Akasaka store". It is said that it was created by Hiroshi Naito, an architect who designed the new store.

Toraya's Hitokuchi Chestnut Yokan "New Chestnut"
Akasaka store reopening commemorative design