Toraya "Azuki Tea"
Azuki tea. The only material is azuki

Toraya's "Azuki tea" has a strong aroma of sweet azuki beans and a rich flavor. However, it is sugar-free. You can buy one can at the store. Perfect for youkan. It is delicious even if you drink it with other Japanese sweets or as a single item.

As the name suggests, azuki tea comes in a russet can and has a capacity of 175g (6.17oz). The selling price is 162 yen (tax included). The material is only azuki from Hokkaido.

When poured into a glass, the dark reddish brown color is like wine. When you take a sip, it has a strong azuki bean scent. A flavor that you will love if you like it. Moreover, there is no habit. The amount of calories is 1.75 kcal, so people who care about overeating can enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Image of Toraya "Azuki tea"
Reddish brown like wine

At first, I think I felt a slight sweetness in the aftertaste, but in the second bite, I can confirm that it is not sweet at all. The tongue, accustomed to Japanese sweets, seems to have been illusioned by the smell.

The third mouth is associated with something else. Azuki in red rice. It's the taste of chewing those fragrant beans. When I think about it, I feel like I'm drinking the essence of azuki beans, not Japanese sweets.

If you roll it with your tongue often, it may have a slight astringency, but it does not contain any ingredients of Japanese tea. However, it is a refreshing mouthpiece that you can enjoy as tea. Even if it's not Toraya's slightly expensive yokan, any sweets that contain bean paste, such as Kintsuba, Daifuku, and Dorayaki, that you can buy in your neighborhood are likely to suit you.

By the way, I drank it cold, but even if I moved it to a microwave oven and warmed it, it smelled and might be delicious.