"Pablo Smoothie Adult Coffee Jelly" at Pablo Cafe
Adult smoothie

"Pablo Smoothie Adult Horoniga Coffee Jelly" will be on sale from October 15th to November 14th at the cafe store of PABLO, a store specializing in freshly baked cheese tart.

A "sweets drink" made by pouring a smooth coffee smoothie with cream cheese over the crashed coffee jelly. It is topped with whipped cream with cream cheese, which is fluffy finished by the espuma method, and a sauce extracted from deep roasted coffee.

"Adult taste" that combines a coffee smoothie with a low sweetness, a rich cheese whipped cream, and a bittersweet sauce. It seems that a mellow scent spreads.

Pablo Cafe "Pablo Smoothie Adult Coffee Jelly"
Premium cafe version

The price is 650 yen for a casual cafe and 750 yen (tax included) for a premium cafe.