Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Pumpkin Tart"

"Autumn sweets" such as potato chestnut pumpkin that appeared in Starbucks coffee, Tully's coffee, and Doutor coffee. From the attractive lineup of pies and Mont Blanc, I tried the tarts from each store this time.


American autumn classic dessert "Pumpkin Tart". Add pumpkin dice to the pumpkin dough to add texture and top with cream. The price is 440 yen (excluding tax).

Starbucks Coffee "Pumpkin Tart"
With coffee

The dough is soothing and smooth, just like a pumpkin that has been carefully lined! After the strong sweetness, the spices gradually work. I am very happy with the rich scent and the richness of the cream.

Starbucks Coffee "Pumpkin Tart"
Cinnamon powder topping is also recommended


"Anno potato and walnut tart" is a luxurious use of high sugar content Anno potato paste that has been aged after harvest. A fragrant walnut, sponge and cream are combined. The price is 430 yen (tax included).

Tully's Coffee "Anno potato and walnut tart"
Tully's is potato

Thick paste filled with the sweetness of Anno potatoes. It is authentic that the rough texture of potatoes remains in the smoothness. A cohesive tart dough, cream, and sponge with a crispy walnut accent.

Tully's Coffee "Anno potato and walnut tart"
Sweet and fragrant


"Hokkaido pumpkin tart" with caramel on the top. Pumpkin pudding mixed with dice-shaped pumpkin is poured into tart dough and baked, and pumpkin mousse is layered. The price is 390 yen (tax included).

Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Pumpkin Tart"

Smooth mousse and pudding with a rough texture, both with different textures but rich in pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin with lumps adds a rustic sweetness. The tart dough is the most crunchy of the three, and the response to eating is outstanding.

Doutor Coffee "Hokkaido Pumpkin Tart"
Pumpkin inside

Autumn tart where you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of pumpkin and potatoes. It seems fun to eat each and decide on your favorite.