McDonald's only happy set 3rd picture book "Mysterious Forest" and mini pictorial book "Fish / Umi no Sakana"

At each McDonald's store, the original picture book "Fushigi no Mori" and the mini picture book "Fish / Umi no Sakana" will be available for a limited time from October 19th as the third "Honest Happy Set".

Just Happy Meal is a new Happy Meal initiative that aims to create opportunities for children to touch books more easily and spend time with their parents. The response of both the first and second bullets exceeded expectations.

"Mysterious Forest" is an original picture book drawn by picture book writer Katou Yuko. It seems that the story has a warm chain of "being kind to people, being kind to people".

McDonald's Just Happy Set 3rd Picture Book "Mysterious Forest"
Cute touch

"Fish / Umi no Sakana" is a mini picture book composed of pages edited for Happy Meal based on "Shogakukan Picture Book NEO" and original pages such as quizzes. Forty-seven species of saltwater fish that live in the Sea of Japan, such as sharks and rays, are introduced, and a fun quiz is attached at the end of the book.

McDonald's Just Happy Set 3rd Mini Picture Book "Fish / Umi no Sakana"
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