Kiqchi's sweets

"Kiqchi" is a 5-minute walk from Hoya Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. It is a confectionery workshop that sells cream puffs, roll cakes, cookies, tarts, etc. that are handmade with the goal of "making it as simple as possible without using extra things".

"Kiqchi" in Hoya
Inside the confectionery studio KIQCHI

A shop that looks like a "hiding place", quietly standing in a corner of the building, a little deeper. It may take some time to find it for the first time. It is recommended to look for the banner outside as a landmark.

"Kiqchi" in Hoya
If you look closely

"Kiqchi" in Hoya
There is a store in such a place!

■ Exquisite cream puff
The cream puff, which was also selected as a "special dish of Nishitokyo City," is a dish full of flavorful custard cream. The special ingredients selected by the owner, such as eggs and wheat, are used. The price is 180 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Cream puff from "Kiqchi" in Hoya

A cream that is soft and light, and has a smooth, smooth texture. When you bite into it, the rich sweetness spreads in your mouth. A refreshing aftertaste that is rich in flavor and gives a sense of depth to the taste, but leaves no weight.

Anyway, the cream is really delicious! When I ate it for the first time, I was impressed that I could buy such a delicious cream puff for less than 200 yen.

Cream puffs from "Kiqchi" in Hoya
The smooth cream is too horsey

There are three flavors other than plain: coffee (200 yen), tea (220 yen), and cheese (230 yen). All are attractive and cannot be selected! For those who like it, we recommend the "Eat and compare set (570 yen)" ♪ You can enjoy 3 flavors (depending on the day) at a great price.

Confectionery studio KIQCHI coffee
"Coffee" with a refreshing scent

Confectionery studio KIQCHI cream puffs
"Black tea" with a rich scent

Confectionery studio KIQCHI cream puffs
"Cheese" with a mellow taste

■ Don't miss cookies
Not to mention cream puffs, the cookies sold near the entrance of the shop are also excellent! There are many variations such as popular flavors such as plain, black tea, matcha, and cocoa, and "Nishitokyo wheat cookies" using wheat from Nishitokyo, and the price starts from 100 yen for two.

Cookies from Kiqchi
Check out the cookies too!

Cookies are a little thick type. When you bite it, it crumbles and the butter flavor, richness, and moderate sweetness spread softly. With its simple and timeless taste, you will want to eat it again in a moment.

Cookies from Kiqchi
Nishitokyo cookie

Cookies from Kiqchi
"Matcha" where you can fully enjoy the scent of matcha and "Kinako" which is slightly fragrant

Hoya's "Kiqchi" is a place where you can make simple and delicious sweets by sticking to the ingredients. Since the shop owner manages the shop by himself, popular products may be sold out early. It is recommended to contact us in advance if absolutely necessary. Please experience the taste of the hidden famous store once!

Kiqchi's sweets

■ Confectionery Studio KIQCHI
Address: 3-11-2 Higashi-cho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo

* Prices and menus are as of the time of the interview.