Izameshi's "Anko Mochi" "Black Mitsuki Nako Mochi"

The "IZAMESHI" series of long-term preserved foods with an abundant lineup. Following on from the previously introduced "Stewed hamburger steak," "Buri radish," and "Solid oden," this time we will review the Tasting of "snack-based".

I bought "Anko mochi" and "Kuromitsuki Nako mochi". Both have a best-by date of 3 years from manufacture. The price is 432 yen each (tax included).

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi" "Black Mitsuki Nako Mochi"
Stylish package

How to make

[Anko mochi]
1. 1. Take out the dried rice cake in the tray and put it in the outer bag. Put about half of the reconstituted water (about 40cc) on one side of the removed tray.

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi"
What's in the bag

2. Soak completely in water for about 1 minute to avoid stacking dry mochi.

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi"
If the mochi sucks in water and runs out, add a new one.

3. 3. When the whole mochi is soaked with water, transfer the mochi to another plate.

Four. Put the attached bean paste granules in the tray on one side, pour a teaspoon (about 5cc) and mix well. I enjoy putting mochi on it.

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi"
When water is added to the granules

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi"
Thick bean paste is completed

[Black kinako mochi]
It is the same up to the point where the mochi is rehydrated with water. Add the attached black honey and soybean flour to complete.

What is the taste ...?

The mochi is soft and firm. The mouthfeel is so smooth that you can't think it was dry. It doesn't look exactly like the freshly made mochi, but it's more than I expected.

Izameshi's "Anko Mochi"

An is a mellow, strong sweetness. If you add too much water, the sauce will become loose and the taste will be diminished, so the point is to add water while adjusting.

Black soybean flour has a rich sweetness. Every time you eat it, the fragrance of soybean flour spreads softly. I'm glad that I can eat it with plenty.

Izameshi's "Black Mitsuki Nako Mochi"
I don't think it's a preserved food

Even in the event of an emergency, it makes me feel relieved to eat something sweet in addition to the nutritional meal. How about adding it to the lineup of preserved foods along with staple foods and side dishes?