Yoku Moku "Cigale Ice Cream (Cafe)"
It's not delicious

Introducing a new flavor to Yoku Moku's "Cigale Ice". "Cigale Ice Cream (Cafe)" will be on sale for a limited time from November 1st. Pre-sale at the Aoyama main store.

Cigar Ice is a combination of ice cream and the cigar-shaped cookie "Cigale," which is characterized by its buttery flavor and crispy texture. "Vanilla", which has a distinctive richness of milk, and "Chocolate", which has a mellow and refreshing sweetness, are on sale.

The "cafe" that appears this time is a winter-only flavor that uses Brazilian coffee. The coffee flavor with a good balance of soft richness, bitterness and acidity, and the sweetness of butter-rich cigar play the finest harmony.

Yoku Moku "Cigale Ice Cream (Cafe)"
Cigar ice cream (cafe) only for winter

The price is 864 yen (tax included) for 4 bottles. At the online shop, an assortment of 3 types (5 vanilla, 5 chocolates, 8 cafes) will be sold for 5,400 yen (tax and shipping included).