Starbucks "Halloween Witch Frappuccino" and "Halloween Princess Frappuccino"
Which one do you care about?

"Halloween Witch Frappuccino" and "Halloween Princess Frappuccino" will be released on October 18th at each Starbucks store (excluding some stores). Limited time until October 31st, will end as soon as it runs out.

The theme is "Which one? It's the day you decide." Two Frappuccinos will appear that you can choose as if you were deciding on a costume, "Is the true figure sleeping in you a witch or a princess?"

Halloween Witch Frappuccino is a dark apple flavor full of dessert by putting a colorful apple compote in a cup and pouring in a frappuccino blended with a whole caramel-flavored cookie. There is chocolate sauce that drips not only in the toppings but also in the cup.

Halloween Princess Frappuccino blends apple compote with Frappuccino and combines it with white mocha sauce and whipped cream for a sweet apple flavor. The cute pink and blue toppings will make you feel like a princess.

The price is 590 yen each for tall size (excluding tax).