Chateraise "Premium pudding made with pure fresh cream from Hokkaido"
Premium pudding

"Hokkaido Pure Cream Tailored Premium Pudding" is on sale from October 10th at each Chateraise store. The price is 162 yen (tax included).

A pudding that uses pure fresh cream from Hokkaido, eggs for pudding, and freshly squeezed milk from a contract farm. Plenty of Hokkaido pure cream is squeezed on the top. You can enjoy a deeper taste by sprinkling the attached fragrant caramel sauce.

Pure fresh cream has a high fat content of 47% milk fat, and it is said that you can enjoy the original taste of milk. From 12L of high quality milk squeezed on the Konsen Plateau in Hokkaido, precious fresh cream that can make only 1L is generously used.

Dairy cows on a ranch in Hokkaido
Enjoy the richness of milk